The feature film TRUE RIGHTS and the short film UP ABOVE THE WORLD SO HIGH, both award-winners on the festival circuit.  As head of production for ZOO Films, I supervised the budgeting and production of national television commercials and award-winning music videos for artists such as Radiohead, Coldplay, and OKGO. I even made a shampoo commercial with J Lo.

As a producer, my credits include...

From gritty dramas to hot vampire love stories (long before Twilight!) to teens-in-peril genre movies (we bought fake blood by the gallon on those babies).  I can’t claim any film classics on my resume, but I do have tons of unprintable stories! I also had the opportunity to work with wonderful writers who taught me everything they knew about structure, dialogue, and character development.

I worked on a variety of independent films...

Growing up in the “company town” of Los Angeles, my first job out of college was on a film set (which shall remain nameless because it was a really bad film. Really.).  Determined to combine my love of reading and writing with the excitement of Hollywood, I became a film development executive, which meant I got to work intensively with some of the best screenwriters around. (Best. Job. Ever.)

Fun stuff...

Biking through Tuscany, fueled by gelato and pasta! 

My Bio

​Segueing into a fulltime writing career...

* I won the 2015 Sue Alexander Grant from SCBWI for my then work-in-progress manuscript A DANGEROUS YEAR.

* As a quarter-finalist in Amazon’s Breakthrough Novel contest, my novel 7 DAYS received this review from Publishers Weekly:

"High-octane action abounds from start to finish in this mystery/thriller narrated by petite and pretty Kit Dawson. A quintessential whiz kid, 17-year-old Kit has earned advanced degrees [double PhD] and is currently at MIT researching cold fusion technology that will provide cheap, clean energy.  When her mentor is murdered and a fusion canister is stolen, Kit risks her life to track the volatile canister before it can cause a catastrophic nuclear explosion. The CIA is reluctant to engage an untrained teen, but Kit’s smarts and her MacGyver-like resourcefulness win them over.  She’s partnered with Zack, a handsome young agent, and heart-pounding action, along with a bit of romance, ensues. Readers willing to overlook some improbable scenarios will enjoy the adventure and find themselves flipping pages at breakneck speed. The action continues to the very end with a quick and satisfying resolution and just enough uncertainty to leave it ripe for a sequel."


I now freelance, creating director's treatments for commercials, producing creative content for websites, and critiquing feature film scripts.  But my passion lies in crafting high-concept, cinematic tales for young adults, often inspired by my own two YA's. My first entry in the Riley Collins Series, A DANGEROUS YEAR, will be published by Curiosity Quills in 2017.

I've been in the entertainment business my entire life...​